We are a prestigious full-service PR agency specialized in interior and design with more than 15 years of professional experience. Our dynamic team headed by Tanja Demmerath orchestrates image-orientated editorial reporting in influential trade, consumer and online media as well as blogs and social media channels.

Our long-standing national and international relationships with PR partners, journalists, stylists and bloggers as well as many other opinion leaders in the interior and design field offer a perfect visibility platform for young as well as established brands and manufacturers in German-speaking markets.




We see the hidden beauty in the simplest things. We pay attention to detail. We are fascinated by the amazing work of legendary as well as young designers and brands. We are excited about future trends and turn them into something extraordinary and memorable. Our passion translates into our daily work. We love to inspire and be inspired and we never stop moving.


Tanja (Founder and CEO) embodies the entrepreneurial spirit through her passion for making things happen. She was 23 when she founded IMPULSE BY COMMUNICATION. The Danish porcelain manufacturer Rosendahl was her first customer, a relationship that continues to this day. Although her agency’s portfolio has grown considerably over the years to include numerous design and lifestyle brands, her passion for interior and design has not changed. Long lasting and close relationships between her and her clients are extremely important to Tanja.

IMPULSE BY COMMUNICATION is comprised of a motivated team of creative professionals with talent and passion. The team uses their complimentary expertise to accomplish their common goal: to make the beauty and magic of your product standout. Tanja’s team, her clients and herself are a family that grows and flourishes together. Tanja always keeps an open mind and is looking for new adventures and challenges – every day of the year.

Get inspired and meet Tanja and her team via @impulse_bc or drop us an email to set up a personal get-together.

“The interior world is my home and this passion shapes my career and the agency's portfolio.”

Tanja Demmerath, CEO & Founder